Our Process

Whether you already have land or if you are in the process of securing the right lot for your new Modern Shack, we can assist you every step of the way. Modern Shacks is a Full Service Turn-Key, Design-Build Firm that will work with you from concept to creation. We can handle as little or as much of the process as you wish. Modern Shacks is comprised of skilled craftsmen experienced in all stages of the building process. In addition, we have established a network of working relationships with reputable professionals including realtors, surveyors, engineers, and building inspectors to ensure a smooth building process from start to finish.

When working with our Design Team, you will have the option to choose one of our existing designs, modify one of these plans in any way, size and shape, or work together to create a new custom design all your own. Once we enter the Design Phase, we let your needs, budget and lifestyle dictate the final plan. The Design Phase can begin before or after the land selection and acquisition process. Below are the typical steps we take when working with our clients who already have a building lot.


  1. Site Visit

    We will meet with you on-site to discuss the ideal placement of your new living space that is best suited for the lay of the land, while incorporating passive solar gains and maximizing views. Site work, including utilities, foundations, driveways & septic plans will be discussed, so we can implement them into your plan. At this time, we also discuss your specific needs & preferences for your new Modern Shack, including size, layout, and most importantly budget.

  2. Design-Planning Contract

    At this time, we will provide you with a design contract that will outline what is included in the Design Phase and the related costs. Our Design Contracts are always specific to our clients’ particular project needs, taste and budget while keeping the building lot’s details & specifications within the scope of the overall plan. A typical contract scope will include Full Color 3-D Renderings, Architectural Blue-Prints, Site Plan, Engineered Foundation Plan and Septic Design.

  3. Design Phase

    At this time, we collaborate closely discussing your needs, taste, & lifestyle in order to design your own creative living space. In doing so, we are constantly working to keep your design within budget parameters. We begin with drafting detailed 3-D Renderings that are based on our in-depth discussions. We work with you on selecting Interior & Exterior Schematics, Textures, Colors, Finish Materials, Fixtures and all of the Project’s Components & Specifications at this time. We provide you with renderings for your review, discussion and modifications. Upon acceptance of the proposed renderings including size and layout, our architect will convert them into architectural Blue-Prints for permitting and construction. If needed during this phase, an engineered Septic Design, Survey, & Site Plan showing the exact placement & orientation of your new Modern Shack will be performed. This may take 1-3 months depending on site conditions, final exterior plans & finish schedules.

  4. Project Pricing-Value Engineering-Build Contract

    At this time, complete pricing is provided for the full scope of the project, including sub-contractors, materials, finishes and necessary permitting. Upon completion of project pricing and budget approval, we will draft a detailed contract listing all phases of work, design specifications, material finishes, time-table for completion, warranties, and project cost & payment schedule.

  5.  Execution of Contract

    Upon execution of the contract, we will immediately apply for and obtain the necessary permitting, order all special materials,  lock in all necessary sub-contractors to a specific start date and schedule your Build-Date.

  6.  Build Phase

    We Break Ground and begin your project build. During the Build Phase, we are in constant contact while our team provides you with daily and/or weekly project-information-updates and progress photos. We will meet with local building inspectors to insure all of the necessary inspections and milestones are completed and signed off on throughout each phase. We will meet with you on-site for walk-throughs to view progress: address any concerns or changes, answer questions and handle any necessary sign-offs on completion of tasks as the project advances. This typically ranges from 3-4 months on smaller models, although can vary depending on the final size and design of your Modern Shack.

  7. Completion

    We hand you the keys to your Modern Shack upon final inspection & issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy.